Google001You are a unique, wonderfully-created person who has fallen in love with another equally wonderful individual.   The two of you will create a marriage that is as unique and special as it will be loving and lasting. The wedding ceremony to officially join the two of you together should be just as creative, original, beautiful and special.  Aside from a few formalities required by state law, the wedding ceremony can be as personal, creative and one-of-a-kind as you are.  The possibilities and options are Endless!!

I am a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant® through the Celebration Foundation & Institute with additional training in crafting unique personalized wedding ceremonies.  I am also an ordained interfaith minister, which enables me to legally perform weddings in all jurisdictions of the United States. I have a vast background in traditional Christian religion and an unquenchable thirst for any and all things spiritual.  But, I have no agenda, and I have nothing to preach. I have a deep respect for each individual regardless of religion, nationality, race, sexual orientation and beliefs.  I will love turning your experiences, dreams, interests and culture into a beautiful ceremony.  I welcome the challenge of finding a common ground between families of different religions, nationalities, cultures and/or interests.

Google002Every wedding ceremony that I craft and officiate comes with a completely free, no-obligation, initial consultation to determine if we are a good fit for each other and the type of ceremony you would like to have.  After booking and initial payment, we can have contact by phone, email, Skype, Google Hangouts and in person, as we create your ceremony. You will be able to review a completed ceremony in advance of the wedding, and I will mail a keepsake copy of the ceremony to you after the wedding.  I will timely file all necessary licenses and other paperwork with the appropriate court clerk’s office after the ceremony.

To explain the basic types of weddings I perform, and to give you an idea of all of your options for your ceremony, I have developed the following three general types.  The pricing for your ceremony will reflect the time spent making sure that your wedding ceremony is customized, personalized, and just the way you want it.

MAGICALLY MAJESTIC CEREMONY – You have a love story that is yours alone, and your beautiful story can be shared with your friends and family at your special wedding.  I will Google005give you a questionnaire for each of you to complete separately and get back to me.  Then, I will work with you to write your love story into the wedding ceremony.  I will do the research to draft a ceremony with several poems, readings, music, or rituals designed to be significant to your lives, families, interests and culture.  Memorials to deceased family/friends may be included as well as something involving your children from a previous marriage.  In addition to unlimited consultation with the marrying couple, I will be available for unlimited contacts with your wedding planner, musicians and/or DJ, and others whom you designate. I will prepare the ceremony in advance for your approval, with cue sheets for the musicians and others participating in the event.  The price for this wedding is determined by research and preparation required, location, travel expenses, the extras to the ceremony, and popularity of day of week or time of year.

pexels-020CREATIVELY COMFORTABLE CEREMONY – Your unique love story, interests, beliefs and background can be incorporated into this special ceremony.  I will give you a questionnaire for each of you to complete separately and get back to me and I will use that to draft the ceremony.  We can also find a poem, ritual, memorial, or other unique item to add to the occasion. This type ceremony usually lasts about 15 – 20 minutes, and may or may not include my attendance at a rehearsal, but certainly includes unlimited consultation with you prior to the wedding.  I will prepare the ceremony in advance for your approval. The price is determined by location, travel expenses, any extras to the ceremony and popularity of day of week or time of year.

SIMPLE and SWEET (or SASSY!) CEREMONY – If you are eloping or if you just want a short, yet meaningful, ceremony, this might be your best option.  It is designed for only pexels-004the two of you, or with a few friends and family.  It will, however, be more personal than a form ceremony read from a book in a judge’s or minister’s office , and can be performed at any location.  This type of ceremony lasts about 10 minutes, and will not include any rehearsals, processionals or performances. You may write your own vows and select a poem or reading to be included, or choose from several options that I have prepared.  The price starts at $150.00 and is determined by location, travel expenses, any extras to the ceremony, and popularity of day of week or time of year.

Congratulations on finding your life’s love and wanting to make a marriage.  I look forward to talking with you about you, your love story and your thoughts on your wedding ceremony.  I am certain that we can prepare something that will be a loving reflection of the two of you.  Hopefully we will even be able to meet your wildest dreams, and, at the same time, impress your future in-laws.

You can contact me by email,  FaceBook, text or phone call.

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FaceBook:  Leslie Nolan

Phone and Text:  318-426-4178



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